The Swedish team roster is here

Yesterday Mad Fish, skater in Gothenburg Rollerderby, arranged a raffle  to select the roster for the swedish team in the Malmö Cup. Of course she filmed this dramatic event! And we have heard that the finnish lottery was also documented…so we hope that clip will surface soon.

Team is:

Mad Fish – Gothenburg Roller Derby
Bobicat – Crime City Rollers
Kamrat Kobra – Crime City Rollers
Hard’Ass-Ice – Stockholm Roller Derby
Swede Hurt – Stockholm Roller Derby
Kix – Stockholm Roller Derby
JJ Fury – Crime City Rollers
Dusty Minefield – Crime City Rollers
Emma Ryssfemma – Stockholm Roller Derby
Arty Farty – Gothenburg Roller Derby
Misse Madskillz – Crime City Rollers
Nørdic Rage – Crime City Rollers
Mrs. Knuckles – Ume Radical Rollers
Cat von Hurt – Gothenburg Roller Derby
One Woman Army – Gothenburg Roller Derby
Tacky Tracktor – Crime City Rollers
Butch Kraschidy – Crime City Rollers
Tess the Mess – Stockholm Roller Derby
Sexual Herr Ass-Meant – Crime City Rollers
The Incredible Fox – Västerås Roller Derby


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