The Finnish team roster is here

Finlands Malmö Cup team that will bout for glory at our derbyfestival are:

Dominå F. Äkt # 455, Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Munaliisa # 74, Lahti Roller Derby
Iines Rankka #88, Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Boss Spice #12, Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Skate Middleton #321, Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Quadracer #37, Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Ninni Saajola #39, DRRG!
Pygmi #101, Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Udre # 3, Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Michelle Knifer #747, Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Doomey B. Hind #4444, Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Lady Lah Lah #2014, Helsinki Roller Derby
Tsubutex #99, Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Hard Molly Ho #90, Tampere Rollin’ Hos
Zhombi Marja #85, Tampere Rollin’ Hos
Juicy Butther #22, DRRG!
Gale Force #64, Helsinki Roller Derby
Florence Fightingale #100, Helsinki Roller Derby
T-Bag #9, Kallio Rolling Rainbow

What a team WOHO!


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