And the final roster is from Norway!

Norway are also the first team to make their own logo- of course it has a black metal theme!

@MonaFims 9 ORD
Agatha Crushtie 66 NRD
Bad News Barbie 101 NRD
Benny Kill 217 NRD
Betty D. Reaper 12 ORD
Captain Morgue-Ann 1688 NRD
Laylar Lethal 27 NRD
Little Miss Trouble 160 NRD
Malice in Derbyland 22 ORD
Rambo Bambi 99 NRD
Rude ruby 360 ORD
Tourette 424 ORD
Frigg in Fury #B0 CCR
Thunder Honey #026 CCR
TruckOff Pooky HK13 PRG
Ladylovelyblocks #8 Royals
Ninja #303 CCR

ORDORD = Oslo roller derby
NRD = Nidaros roller derby
BRD = Bodø roller derby
Vi have made a “logo” as well. 😉


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