Malmö Derby Festival 2013

Oh yes, the Roller derby festival will revisit Malmö this summer!


  • Date: 12-14th of July
  • Location: Stapelbädden, Malmö (same as last year)
  • Arranging: Crime City Rollers and Malmö Royal Roller Derby
  • Bouts: Malmö Cup between Sweden, Norway, Finland and Danmark (and more coming up)
  • Parties: 12th of Juli, Rollerdisco at Stapelbädden. 13th of July- planning in progress.
  • Events: Try rollerderby, food vendors, merch and more.


2 thoughts on “Malmö Derby Festival 2013

  1. Hello there. I will have a rollerskate disco in Gothenburg and wondering where you guys are renting roller skates from? I f you know and have any suggestion just let me know. I would be
    very thankful for an answer from you. Or do you have any mail for more info.?
    Best regards
    Shade Hassanvan, working at Frilagret, Gotnehburg

    • Hi Shade!
      We own the skates we are using. Before we bought them, we we´re looking for someone to rent us skates, but only found one guy in Denmark that had a supply. I don´t have his contactnumber, but renember it was quite expensive. As you live in Gothenburg I recommend you get in touch with Dock City Rollers and Gothenburg Roller Derby, they might have other suggestions.

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