Malmö Roller Derby Festival

For the second time ever, Malmö Roller Derby Festival is taking place at Stapelbäddsparken in Malmö.  Thanks to contributions from hard-working volunteers and the municipality, the festival is our opportunity to show high-class roller derby to the masses for free! With Crime City Rollers and Malmö Royal Roller Derby at the core, we engage all of Malmö’s roller derby society (and friends) in this summer highlight. Our aim is to create a fun and exciting weekend for the derby community in northern Europe and the citizens of Malmö. Besides roller derby there are a lot of other activities going on thanks to our friends in local sports organizations –watch, try for yourself, learn and make friends!

Malmö derby festival 2013. Malmö, Sweden.

  • Date: 12-14th of July 2013
  • Location: Stapelbädden, Malmö (same as 2012)
  • Arranging: Crime City Rollers and Malmö Royal Roller Derby
  • Bouts: Malmö Cup between Sweden, Norway, Finland and Danmark (and more coming up)
  • Parties: 12th of Juli, Rollerdisco at Stapelbädden. 13th of July- planning in progress.
  • Events: Try rollerderby, food vendors, merch and more.
  • Price:  free

Press: Contact (…in progress)

Want to volunteer or perform? Contact malmoderbyfestival (at)

  • Housing: The Park-inn hotel (link) in Malmö has a special offer for visitors of the festival. They are holding ten double rooms up until a month before the festival. Use the promotional code “MRDF” when you book a room and get a discount of around 50kr. Prices per double room (2 persons) are appoximately 845:- and this includes breakfast. For more information have a look at their website:

The first Malmö derby festival was arranged in 2012 by Crime City Rollers.